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FPMiS - CQC Compliance Solution

FPMiS - CQC Compliance Solution

FPMiS - CQC Compliance Solution

What if you could meet CQC Compliance requirements and make the management of your practice easier?

First Practice Management are proud to announce the launch of FPMiS our CQC Compliance Solution. FPMiS is a management information system designed to aid the practice in gathering evidence for CQC as practice staff go about their daily tasks. The system is unique in that it caters for all documentary, process and meetings evidence in a single solution. A combination of award winning software and FPM know-how, FPMiS is the breakthrough CQC compliance solution that also delivers real cost savings and efficiency gains to the practice.

"Many first practice management subscribers  have been asking for a product that will help them meet the demands of CQC. That's why we developed FPMiS which is available from today. The system is packed with a comprehensive list of tools and features that will help the practice to meet CQC requirements and streamline internal processes. We are extremely confident that FPMiS will meet the expectations of  practice managers and the practice team and guarantee the system will be continually updated to maintain relevance to CQC.”
Chris Ibbetson, Product Manager, First Practice Management

CQC Compliance the Easy Way

The main features of the FPMiS system are:

  • Simple control of documents and processes.
  • Evidence at your fingertips to demonstrate CQC compliance.
  • Event reminders – users know what is due and when.
  • Built for purpose – tried and tested in hundreds of GP practices.
  • Robust and secure – cutting edge IT solution.
  • Affordable pricing structure and future proof – new functionality continuously added (upgrades available).

Some of the major benefits of the FPMiS system are:

  • People only see what is relevant to them so it is simple to use.
  • There is no software to load, it runs in a web browser
  • Management have private areas only they can see.
  • Any task date assigned to any user will automatically populate their personal calendar for them, they don't need to remember to put it in their diary, eg meetings, training sessions, appraisals, CRB checks, HepB boosters etc.
  • Designed to be simple to use even for the least IT literate.
  • Everything is easy to find; key words can be tagged to documents and addresses meaning they can be easily found.
  • Roles based permissions that can prevent people from deleting data.
  • Huge time and cost savings

Visit our dedicated website www.fpmis.co.uk today for a look at the comprehensive feature list and to see the system in action.

CQC compliance is all about providing evidence, but what constitutes evidence?

Quite simply, it is probably everything you do from day to day in your practice. When the fridge temperature or drug expiry is checked, that is evidence. When a member of staff reads a document, that is evidence. When staff appraisals are completed, that is evidence. Proof that staff HepB vaccinations are up to date is evidence. Now think about all of the other processes that are undertaken almost daily within the practice. Most of them are evidence.

The main areas of evidence for CQC are:

  • Documents, with the relevant evidence behind them (version history, who has read them, review dates)
  • Daily Processes such as monitoring of drugs, fridges, equipment, training, appraisals, CRB checks and many more.
  • Meetings  also often have relevance to CQC outcomes. The evidence is what the meeting was about, who attended, what were the results of the meeting etc.

FPMiS brings all this evidence together in one simple to use and affordable system which automatically gathers evidence for CQC.

FPM documents are pre-populated by CQC outcome . The system tracks every user who has ever opened a document and is able to send review dates to the document owner to remind them. You can even send out a reading task for people to make sure they do read the document and you can demonstrate the version history read. Everyone in the practice will only ever see the latest version of a document so you can be sure everyone works from the latest version of a document.  Importantly, any single document can be tagged to multiple CQC outcomes - you don't need to store the document multiple times.

Every process in the system can also be tagged to multiple CQC outcomes. For example staff training records can be relevant to, outcome 11 and 12, the system will log who has been trained on what, when training is due, any documents that support the training and all this evidence will appear in the appropriate evidence repository. All meetings can also be tagged to multiple outcomes and the relevant documents such as agenda and minutes will appear with them.

Pricing Plans

A range of pricing plans and details of how to sign up to the system can be found at our dedicated website www.fpmis.co.uk. We can have you up and running within two working days.