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How are Practices staffing Reception during extended hours, and what are they paying their Reception

How are Practices staffing Reception during extended hours, and what are they paying their Reception

We have one receptionist and myself or my assistant manager on call, we are paid at time and a half. As it is only patients that have prebooked their appointments we don't get any extra's at the moment, so just leave the doors open till surgery has finished.

Receptionists, at time-and-a-half.

Receptionists cover the sessions and are paid flat rate

We redistributed the hours worked, so if a receptionist is working an extended hours session, they just start 3 hours later that day.

We have reception cover and as our reception staff are all part-time, they receive standard rates of pay. We open on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The evenings are covered by a member of staff who asked for the extra hours and other staff are willing to cover if she is on leave. Saturday mornings are covered by a rota.

We pay our receptionists their normal rate.

We have used our receptionists, secretaries, admin staff and myself on a rota, we all get paid the same amount £10.50 per hour.

We have reception cover, we pay them time and a half. Telephones are not on, so they book the patients in etc... but I also get them to do some other admin tasks while on reception. Searches etc.

We have one receptionist, one GP and one nurse in on a Saturday morning. We are open from 08:30-11:30 and provide 14 GP appts and 15 nurse appts in this time. Once the appts are over the receptionist can go home. This is generally by 11am. We pay the receptionist a flat rate of £40 for a Saturday morning.

We have reception staff on duty and we pay time and a quarter for evenings and time and a half for Saturdays if done as overtime. We have recently taken on one lady whose contracted hours are late nights and Saturdays and she is paid at the basic rate

I have One Receptionist on as part of contracted hours and pay normal rate.

One receptionist on and we pay time and half.

We work until 7.30 pm and adjusted our receptionists hours to start at 9.30 am and work until 7.30 pm at their normal salary. We pay double time from 6.30 pm up to one hour. If the booked patients have all been seen before 7.30 pm they go home.

We have reception staff in and they claim it as overtime

We have 1 person who coveres the reception for extended hours, the door is closed and a notice is put up to ask patients with appointments to ring the bell and she takes details through the intercom system, the GP works in a room right by reception, she is paid time and a half.

We have one receptionist to meet & greet. They are paid time and a half Richard

We use reception staff, pay them their normal hourly rate and have the doors open.

We have one receptionist (they are not 'lone working' as doctor on premises as well and doors locked so limited number of patients on premises), we have an intercom system and so the receptionist does not allow entry to anyone who does not have a prebooked appointment. We pay time and a half.

Receptionists at time and a half

We had an intercom system installed to ensure only those patients with booked appointments could enter the building. We currently pay staff 1.5 to reception staff.

We pay double time to existing staff. No shortage of volunteers

Reception staff cover and we pay them normal rate. Staff have a rota so only get 1 night per month each

We do the Extended Hours and have a receptionist on duty. We pay time and a half.

Reception staff are in attendance. They are paid flat rate (but we are not open on Saturday)

We are in the fortunate position of having a staff member who is a trained receiptionist and dispenser. She covers the extended hours and is paid her standard rate of pay.

Yes we have reception cover and we pay at normal hourly rate.

We pay time and a quarter.

We have one receptionist on duty during extended hours, but the door is locked and only unlocked for the patients as they arrive and leave. We have a glass door so they can see who is waiting. There are always 2 doctors on so they have back-up. We pay normal basic rates. As it is very quiet it is a great time for the receptionist to catch up on other work such as ringing patients for smoking info etc:

Because of the LES requirment of this PCT that the telephones are answered during extended hours, we have two receptionists on as for normal hours. They work for two hours and are paid for three.

We have one receptionist who does our evenings. She lets them in and out. Normal reception hours are 8am to 7pm so she is only paid time and a half for the hour 7pm - 8pm. For early mornings the doctor lets them in and out as its only 1 or 2 patients.

Receptionists at time and a half

We have one receptionist and one GP. Receptionist is paid at normal flat rate.

We have one receptionist paid at normal rate.

Reception staff t x1.5

We have 2 receptionists and they are paid time and a half. We have to be open for 3 hours but the doctor only has to see 12 patients so he is only here for 2 hours.

We were offerred an additional LES to provide full reception services during Extended Opening. Our doors are open until 8.30pm 2 evenings per week and Saturday mornings. Patients can also contact the surgery by phone until this time to book appts etc. We have 1 receptionist and we pay her at time and a half.

We pay receptionists double the rate of pay for extended hours but only have to pay for one member of staff as we work in a shared building and there are other staff in the building

I have 2 receptionists work the extended hours at our large surgery, and 1 receptionist at our Branch surgery. All of my receptionists work these on a rotational basis, making it 1 in 6. The receptionists continue to do all of the tasks they would do during normal working hours, ie produce scripts and administration tasks. I pay them an enhanced rate of 1.25% per hour.

Reception needs to be open and accessible i.e. the practice "open" for business during Extended hours and my admin staff get flat rate.

Ours let patients in and out and are paid at the normal hourly rate.

We have one receptionist working on a Saturday morning and they are paid time and a half.

We recruited a Saturday and Evening Receptionist to cover our extended hours. We therefore pay a flat rate since she was contracted to work these hours. When the other receptionists cover her for holidays or sickness we pay time and half.